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This page contains links to sites which offer activities of interest to young adults.  All of them are linked in some way to the Jesuits in Britain, though most are organised and run by lay people.  (Some of the links given are websites, and others are e-mail links)


Week programme in Auschwitz to learn about its history and its lessons for today.  Intended for young people of second year sixth form age.  A different programme is designed for adults. Link on this site.

Christian Life Communities

A world-wide community of lay people who seek to pay attention to the presence of God in every aspect of their lives.  Groups meet locally to listen deeply to one another's experience of God.

Mountain Spirituality

Mountain spirituality weekends are a balance of walking, prayer, and talking, inspired and encouraged by the beauty of the mountains.

Jesuit Volunteer Communities

Fully-funded, full time programmes for young adults to volunteer and live alongside those who are marginalised in Britain today. They live in communities and share the four JVC values of Simple Lifestyle, Social Justice, Community, and Spirituality.

First Sunday Young Adult Eucharist

Every first Sunday of the month, quiet prayer 7.15pm, Mass 7.30pm, come along or volunteer to help plan it.  Most people manage to get to the pub afterwards . . .

St Beuno's Spirituality Centre

Has special silent, individually guided retreats for young people and students each year in June.  Website or e-mail

Open Spaces

An experience open to all to come and reflect and share on our experience of community, spirituality and mission.  Evenings begin with a bring and share supper, then a  personal reflection from a guest, and a space for reflective discussion.  Every third Sunday of the month, 7pm, at 49 Fitzjohn's Avenue, London, NW3.

Xavier Volunteer Programme

Brings together former students from all Jesuit schools, and provides the possibility for six month placements overseas in places such as India, Guyana, Ghana, Chile, doing things like working with street children, teaching English or science, and many others. 

Loyola Hall Jesuit Spirituality Centre

A variety of retreats of various lengths, some especially intended for 18 - 35 year olds.  Individually guided retreats are also available.  Specially themed retreats are also available.

Celebrating Easter 2007

Easter in a friendly community atmosphere.  Time to relax around the key ceremonies on Maundy, Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Saturday midnight.   Also optional course on Prayer.  See also the link on this site.