Treating Back Pain During Pregnancy – The Safe Way

Pregnancy can cause the mom-to-be to experience a lot of physical discomfort, one such problem is the dreaded back pain. I strongly suggest you to visit why do women face back pain during pregnancy to learn more about this. During the entire duration of their pregnancy, some pregnant women experience back pain. From the moment of conception until the birth of the infant, the female body undergoes a number of changes. These modifications cause the spine to become unstable and then the back becomes weak.

Owing to the change in your centre of gravity, back pain can be induced. The other explanation for back pain is the weakness of the spine caused by changes in pelvic stability. Because of the release of the hormone called relaxin, which is responsible for the relaxation of ligaments and joints in the pelvis region, pelvic instability is developed. In turn, as the pelvis is the seat of the spine, this would cause spine instability.

The second explanation for back pain is that the centre of gravity changes. The centre of gravity moves with the growing baby from your hips to your stomach. It is hard for the back muscles to sustain the weight of the entire upper body and so back pain starts.

One needs to find ways to tackle this problem with the triggers found. Because none of the medications are prescribed during pregnancy, one needs to look for natural ways in which relief can be obtained. Even though herbal supplements are said to be better alternatives, they have their own effects. When eaten during pregnancy, some of the herbs are shown to trigger harmful results. The fact that research has not been performed on herbal supplements makes it even more risky to use them.

By using pregnancy belts that come in different sizes, back pain caused by muscle strain can be rectified. Their nominal rates render them affordable for all. Wrapping these belts around the lower back provides the necessary support to your back and also supports the baby bump in addition. It is now easier to keep up the stance and thereby strengthen the spine and pelvic flexibility with the back and stomach completely supported. Be sure to invest in an adjustable belt so that you can use it during your pregnancy.

Often, pregnancy poses itself as a testing period for certain women. Because of a disorder called sacroiliac joint dysfunction, some feel extreme pain. Generated Relaxin makes the joints unstable and causes pain. By using a cheaper belt called the trochanter, this condition can be regulated.