Tips For Driving In A Snow Storm

Here are a few tips to help keep you warm and healthy in the Great British weather before you head out in your car during the winter months! Learn more about caution while driving.

Checking list;

1) Warm coat and pullover, top / tee shirt change

2) Gloves, ideally waterproof but whichever will do

3) A scarf, something to keep your head dry, so if you have one in a balaclava type, it can cover your head in the toughest weather and can be rolled up like a regular scarf if the weather is not that harsh.

4) Chocolate bar or high quality bar depends on your choice, do not fail to cover it if you eat at moments other than when you’re trapped! (We ‘re a people not we!)

5) A bottle of water, but if you get stuck and have to dig through the snow, you’ll be surprised how much fluid you lose, even on a really cold day.

6) Hot drink, coffee or tea according to your choice, but most of all make sure that you have a proper flask to hold it pleasant and dry, stainless steel is even safer than the disposable kind in a vehicle … And obviously with a cup made to drink from

7) Completely charged mobile phone and auto charger, emergency chargers are outstanding as they are not based on the vehicle battery or automobile charging device.

8) Shovel in really bad weather and snow, choose a light sturdy metal instead of a large plastic one, they are more useful with packed OR slow light

9) Snow chains are great and quite cheap on the internet now as well, but choose a set that’s easy to fit and remove and, most importantly, look for a set that doesn’t need repeated tensioning to keep it going, if you get stuck in the snow among other travelers and stop fitting snow chains to move if you end up having to stop and tension them regularly, you ‘re going to cause huge problems with other roads

10) Flaked pieces of cardboard can help you grip icy conditions and, coincidentally, great isolation if you are stuck in very bad weather and need to keep fuel by turning off your engine (and therefore heating)