Print Shop -An Overview

The Print Shop is essentially an integrated desktop publishing software package first released in 1984 by Broderbund Publishing. It was unique at that it offered libraries of templates and clip art for creating banners, signs and flyers with traditional dot matrix printers without the assistance of graphic design software programs. The software has since then evolved into the Print Shop Pro and the Print Shop Plus. Visit The UPS Store #521, Calgary.

As the technology of today evolves so do the features, functions, and high-quality templates that are offered in these products. Here are a few features you may find that are unique to the Print Shop Pro and the Print Shop Plus.

In Print Shop Pro, users can create multiple color copies of a document while saving the original version as a.DLL file. They can use this function to create unique marketing materials like business cards, brochures, business cards with customizations, or any other type of promotional material you could imagine.

With the Print Shop Pro, users can easily make changes to text and image on their template without changing the original file. This feature allows for the printing of new text or images on your banner or sign, thus not losing a single copy of your original template. With the Print Shop Pro, you will also find additional tools such as the ability to adjust the size of the template, change the style of font, and edit the size of the text or image.

With the Print Shop Pro, users can also customize the borders of a template. With borders, users can alter the appearance and style of a template without having to change the content itself. With borders, users can change the shape of a template, or even the size of the template.

The other feature of the Print Shop Pro that is unique to the product is the ability to preview a design directly from your computer. This feature allows users to see their work in the actual format that they are designing in before it has been printed out. With this feature, you can test out your design to make sure it looks exactly as it should and then print it out.

With the Print Shop Pro, users have the ability to print custom banners with no limits to the number of banners they can print at one time. They can also create custom logos or custom graphics and even add text to a template. In addition to templates, users can also print out flyers, and other types of marketing materials.

Print Shop Pro is an easy to use program that allows users to print out banners and other types of custom printed materials in minutes. At a cost of $50 for a single license, you can print unlimited copies of your materials. You can also have unlimited reprints if you want and can use the software to print unlimited copies of the same materials.

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