Memphis Lip Injections – An Insight

Many individuals remain unsure as to just how lip injections function. First of all, it is often possible to refer to lip implants as lip augmentation. Injections may require lip augmentation, but it can also include the grafting of skin to the lip region. As this is much cheaper and gives many women exceptionally good outcomes, we will specifically concentrate on the injection portion.
In order to produce a more full, plump look, Lip Injections include lining the lip with a soft substance. In conjunction with lip injections, the soft substance is mainly Collagen, which is the most common material. Our website provides info on SkinBody Memphis – Memphis Lip Injections
Collagen is present in a cow ‘s skin and is perfect for briefly augmenting the lips’ appearance. This collagen is filtered, but in certain people, it can trigger certain allergic reactions. Due to this risk of allergic reaction, it is recommended that the lip injection clinic of your choosing should conduct a sensitivity test.
Collagen is not the only thing in the lips that can be inserted. Another popular way of producing perfect, plump looking lips is fat injections. The fat is produced from other sections of the body, most commonly from the region of your thighs or belly. The best thing about this form of injection is that you would not have any chance of allergic reactions of any sort. The effects are reversible, much as for Collagen, and the treatment should be done more than once to produce your desired results.
There is a more permanent form of injection composed of a drug called Artecoll, consisting of small plastic beads that permanently remain in the lips. As only a few doctors in the nation have been qualified to conduct it, this technique is fresh and unusual.