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An effective insurance agency telemarketing script is one of the key components in a successful insurance agency lead generation initiative. There are, however, many other important elements to be added to ensure continual, in profile, insurance agency leads. Beyond the telemarketing (appointment setting) script, agents should also create buyer personas, targeted prospect lists, niche marketing segmentation (verticals whenever possible), professional eCollateral and a well documented lead handling process. Let’s explore an insurance agency lead generation initiative from an appointment setting perspective. I strongly suggest you to visit Ieuter Insurance Group, Midland to learn more about this.

Perhaps your insurance agency is targeting a niche like trucking, and your agency has a strong close ratio, but lacks sufficient prospects to sufficiently increase revenues. Using a baseball analogy, your trucking insurance agency might have a Ted Williams batting average but you are only playing as a pinch hitter, so you lack sufficient at bats to build your book of business.Ieuter Insurance Group, Midland

One solution to increase your pipeline activity is a targeted appointment setting campaign. This can include eMarketing and appointment setting calls, or if budget is insufficient, simply the latter. Before embarking upon your initiative, you should consider the following building blocks for your transportation insurance lead generation campaign:

-Buyer Persona: A short narrative on the type of person who can and will buy your solution.

-Prospect Scorecard: Create a Prospect Scorecard to quantify your approach to prospecting and pipeline building.

-Targeted prospect and email list: Once your agency has clearly identified your target market, you need to build a high quality prospect list. Some refer to this as a suspect list.

-Compelling Telemarketing Script with your value proposition and top 3 differentiators: You only get a short window of opportunity for you (or your outsourced appointment setters) to deliver your pitch. It should be concise, compelling and explain your value proposition.

-Professional Appointment Setter: Your appointment setter (note that I didn’t refer to them as a telemarketer), needs to be professional, credible, and insurance industry knowledgeable.

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