How To Prepare The Room For Bed Bug Inspection

An integrated pest management (IPM) strategy is ideal for addressing the issue if you have bed bugs at home. Bed bugs are hard pests to handle. However, prior to the application of medication, there are items you may do to cope with the problem, superb bed bug inspections in Los Angeles California.

There are certain pre-treatment precautions you have to take after bed bugs are detected and verified in your house. For good bed bug management, preparing the space for bed bug inspection is important.

Before any washing, a detailed review helps you to ascertain the magnitude of the problem. It stops bed bugs from becoming agitated and spreading until medication is applied.

Checklist for Bed Bug Inspection

  1. Remove the curtains and sheets from the window, put them in plastic bin bags and securely seal the bags.
  2. Take from the bed all of the bedding, pillows and cases and placed them in plastic bags. Prior to transporting them to the washing room, lock the bags securely.
  3. Clean drawers, wardrobes, night stands, cupboards and chairs, and placing the things in plastic bags. Tightly secure the containers.
  4. Place plastic bags of clothes, hats and shoes. Before removing them to the laundry area, secure the bags securely.
  5. As per laundry directions below, put all loose clothes (e.g. clothes located outside the dresser) in plastic bags and wash.
  6. Remove all goods from under the bed and on the floor and put them securely in plastic bin bags and lock the bags.
  7. For examination, place all things that are not washable (e.g. disposable toys, books, electronics) in plastic bags and secure the bags securely.
  8. With the exception of plush furniture, extract both fabric and disposable products and put them in plastic bin bags and close the bags securely.
  9. Where necessary, strip and wash the pillows from the plush furniture.
  10. Remove all of the furniture from the wall at least 18 inches apart.
  11. Remove outlet covers, wall switch plates, jack plates for phones and covers for light switches.
  12. Clean and handle the objects and delete the wall hangings (e.g. photo frames, mirrors).
  13. Remove the TV package, if necessary, from the wall unit. Hold all the electrical appliances for care in the fields.
  14. Remove the front panel for testing while the heating or air conditioning systems are near the bed.
  15. At the wall/floor joint, undo the carpets. Do not take the carpet out of the place.
  16. Remove all wall-mounted objects and put them for examination in a plastic bag.
  17. Remove the cover of the electrical socket and turn plate.
  18. For examination, put books, magazines, notepads and papers, etc. in a container.
  19. To make a detailed examination, clear everything from the board.
  20. During surgery, pets and humans must vacate the area and stay outside the area for at least 4 hours after care.
  21. If you have a fish tank in your home, use a towel or fabric to protect it because it is particularly vulnerable to pesticides.
  22. Disinfect and isolate all laundry lines and other things before the matter of the bed bug is addressed.
  23. To check and handle them, make sure you have keys to the bed, wardrobe, all the furniture and baseboard.
  24. Pry the baseboard away from the wall whenever possible.
  25. Dispose with all plastic bags that are used to carry infested objects into an external trash container.