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Too many individuals make the mistake of gathering reference letters and delivering them in the wrong manner while going through their custody situation. Reference letters, if you attempt to introduce them yourself, would be treated as inadmissible hearsay. Since these letters probably address your positive qualities as an individual and parent, to ensure that these letters are seen by the judge and used to decide the final custody agreement, it is necessary to do a little thought on your part. One way to do this properly is by using the Amicus Counsel. I strongly suggest you to visit Amicus Law Firm, Logan to learn more about this.

An Amicus Counsel is named by the court in a disputed custody case to represent the best interest of the child or children. It’s important to remember that this lawyer is not intended to represent the child’s own wish, but rather his or her best interest. The attorney would likely collect a lot of information during the process to make suggestions to the court about custody arrangements.

The Amicus Counsel will obtain letters and examine these letters as part of his or her own role in the case. The primary work of the Amicus Counsel is to look into the veracity of the claims made and examine their merits. As these claims can also be categorised as inadmissible hearsay, the attorney is accountable for performing their own discovery and questioning at trial. As part of your overall case, if you share these reference letters with the Amicus Counsel, you get a much better chance of them being included in your final custody recommendations made by this person.

In your case, this tactic will be very useful if the attorney considers that your letters are convincing and valid, and the judge is like the Amicus Attorney. However, deciding to implement them in the wrong way will literally leave you with a pile of inadmissible hearsay records. It is just as important to be intelligent on how you integrate these letters as not giving up on getting them integrated into your case.

Many parents get flustered or irritated when thinking about the effect of the Amicus Counsel or a judge on their post-divorce custody agreement. Bear in mind that reference letters are not only acceptable as part of your overall strategy, but can be used deliberately to prove your merits as viewed by others. Sharing this with the Amicus Attorney reduces the work they have to do and leaves it to that person if this information can be integrated into recommendations and to what degree.


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