EcoScapes Lawn Care Omaha – An Insight

Application of fertilizers is usually achieved in the fall season. Fall is a perfect time to have the much-needed fertilizer replacement and weed control options for your lawn as the environment is quite favorable to absorption of nutrients. In this season, trees and shrubs do appear to lose a great deal of their natural green color and their leaves. Sure, this is the normal course of events, but this is the warning to begin taking those sacks of fertilizer out of the shed as well. To know more click ecoScapes Lawn Care Omaha.

While locations like Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco along with other Florida areas do not have what some would term a full grown fall season, the impact on your lawn and other plants is always the same.

Giving adequate lawn fertilizer during fall improves the likelihood of getting a greener and healthier lawn all year long. In the early spring just before the first cold spell, it is advised that you contact the nearest lawn maintenance service to water the grass. The trick is to select the right form of fertilizer.

Fertilizers are rich in nitrogen and potassium, both essential for your lawn’s regeneration and nourishment from the hot season. Please pick the grass with a slow-release fertilizer. In general, slow release fertilizers are more cost efficient than ordinary fertilizers. These also reduce the concentration of nitrogen during the season. Horticultural experiments are already allocating more of their time in formulating less biologically harmful fertilizers.

When it comes to trees and shrubs, you will also remember that they require as much water as your grass. Water and fertilisers will work together at all times. The correct combination of fertilizer and water aid to better grow plant roots. Root development is still very active throughout the fall, even if you don’t see a lot of action growing. Water also tends to regulate the weed killers that you might have added to your grass.

There are unique weeds which develop only during the colder seasons. Any of these involve broad seeds, dandelions, and clovers. Weed killers will take care of this issue with ease. Since these weeds are gathering nutrients and starches in preparation for the coming cold during the winter, adding weed killers to the soil will be like feeding a lot of hungry people their favorite meal. Absorption is rapid and irreversible.

Fall always carries with it a specific community of pests that can destroy the whole environment. Throughout Florida, certain particular places including Hillsborough also suffer an invasion of worms, grubs, mole crickets and chinch bugs. Army worms are primarily insect larvae, so they feed extensively on turf grasses so grass in St. Augustine. Grubs, on the other hand, are Japanese beetle larva, which are sometimes the first on-site pests during fall. Mole crickets are crawlers at night, and after rain they strike. An invasion of these insects in a day can destroy your whole lawn. The solution lies in adding pesticides. It is safer, though, to leave this aspect to skilled lawn care firms as it requires the usage of harsh compounds. Misuse of insecticides and pesticides will harm your grass, plants, and shrubs.