Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Promotes Water Conservation

If you hear of eco-friendly carpet cleaners, you typically worry about how to disinfect the carpet fabrics using non-toxic chemicals. Although that is real, the larger value for eco-friendly carpet companies is the fact that they encourage water conservation.You may want to check out Carpet Cleaning In Spokane for more.

Waste Factor Clean water is essential but one of the most frequently used commodities in the United States. Traditional carpet washing takes at least 40 gallons to vacuum a whole house and much of the water is stored in the fabric. The carpeting of a house does not need to be sopping wet for washing. In addition, if the carpet is soaked during the cleaning process, it has a higher chance of soiling faster. Eco-friendly cleaning companies may include a thorough steam clean but use the conventional volume of water ranging from a quarter to a fourth.

In fact, as conventional carpet cleaning techniques are used, about half of the water used for washing the carpet is ultimately drained back into the vacuum, so this is discarded automatically.

Water Saving Typical carpet cleaners that use strong, sudden cleaners need additional water for rinsing and scraping these harsh chemicals from your carpet fibers. Because these carpet cleaners are unable to take out all the water they placed on the fabric, the traces of those contaminants will also be trapped on the carpet fibers.

Additional Energy Efficiency Eco-friendly carpet washing facilities use less power to remove excess water from the fabrics of the fabric. Since conventional carpet services are unable to remove all the water they put on, the carpet needs 24 to 48 hours to dry, which also includes a high-powered fan’s assistance. A high-powered fan can increase wattage consumption in your home, particularly if it runs for 24 to 48 hours to dry your carpet. Eco-friendly systems use half the energy which will draw additional water from carpet fabrics allowing the fabric to dry within a few hours, rather than a day. It greatly cuts the amount of time needed to use a high-powered fan to further push the drying cycle forward. Additionally, because environmentally friendly cleaners don’t use toxic chemicals, you don’t have to keep your windows open to breathe out of your house. Leaving windows open will raise the ventilation costs substantially throughout the season, so if the windows will stay locked, you will therefore reduce the costs associated with carpet cleaning.