DUI Attorney – How to Prevent Yourself From Needing One

Auto accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States today. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of automotive accidents. On average, a drunk driver kills about fifteen thousand people a year, which is sad. Families lose loved ones and lives are tragically cut short all because after drinking too much, someone drove. There’s still a chance for something bad to come out of driving drunk, even if you don’t kill somebody. You could end up with a DUI or “driving under the influence.” In all 50 states, this is a felony and will destroy your life entirely. You could lose your passport, spend a lot of time in prison, and be forced to pay hundreds of fines. Not to mention running the risk that your children, work and future will be lost. So we’ve decided that it’s not a good idea to drive drunk, so what do you do if you get caught driving drunk? You employ a skilled DUI lawyer who can assist you minimise the harm of a DUI conviction. But the best plan is to never, first and foremost, need a DUI lawyer. We will talk about a few forms in this article that you can protect yourself from ever having a DUI solicitor. You can learn more at Summit Defense Criminal Lawyer, San Jose DUI Attorney.

Not having to be in a car to drink is the first way to stop having to employ a DUI solicitor. Try a bar within walking distance or have fun at your home or a friend’s house instead of going to bars in town. If you are not in a car, you can not get a DUI. As much fun as you can have by going out, you can stay home and drink. Have some friends invite you over and make it a party. Make sure there is a designated driver to get everyone home or just let them sleep at your house if you invite friends, so no one has to drive.

By having a designated driver, another good way to keep yourself from getting a DUI is. The designated driver is someone who isn’t going to drink that night at all and is responsible for safely taking everyone home. If you have a buddy who does not drink, this works out well. Otherwise, in order to do the job, you would have to choose a mate. In a group of friends who all drink, every time you go out, it’s best to rotate the designated driver position. This way, nobody feels more left out of the action than anyone in Feature Posts, and it makes it much easier to actually appoint a driver.

The worst feeling in the world is waking up in prison thinking that, because of your reckless actions, you’ve killed someone. So, by staying home and drinking or designating a driver for the night, stop that and probably a DUI. If you never have to use the services of a DUI solicitor, you’ll be grateful.