Divorce Lawyer – Guidelines

Many people who have already been married decide to look for an alternative way to end the relationship which brings about a Divorce Lawyer. The amount of time and legal problems to resolve during the period leading up to the filing of the divorce and the number of parties involved, all affect the timeline. There are usually no set qualifications for a divorce specialist but some courses will be recommended by a licensed attorney. Passing the state bar exam and completing law school is also required.

The type of divorce that is chosen is based on the type of grounds for divorce. In some states a judge may grant an uncontested divorce or a contested divorce where the parties agree on the terms and conditions of their separation. The judge is more likely to grant an uncontested divorce when it is done through mediation and is more likely to grant a contested divorce if one of the parties decides to go to trial or have their case tried in court. Divorce Lawyer’s specializes in a particular form of divorce or may only work with couples who have already filed a petition. When looking for an experienced divorce specialist, it is recommended that clients choose a company with a proven record of success, is licensed and has a good reputation with past clients.

Divorce cases are complex. It is best to get help with your separation from your partner. If you choose an experienced divorce Lawyer, he or she can negotiate a reasonable settlement between you and your partner that satisfies both parties. They can also advise you on ways that can help reduce the financial stress that often occurs during this time. It is better to seek out divorce Lawyer’s advice before you move forward with your separation, you may regret that decision down the road.